Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to Our Family

Our Family

Jerod and I are LDS and we were married in 2007. We planned to have at least ten children and always have our home open to neighbors and friends. Fast forward seven years, we have each other and a sweet five month old miniature dachshund named Doc and our house seems to have a revolving door with family, neighbors and friends around often.

Jerod is in school at BYU (he graduates in December) and I work full time at Utah Valley University. We are a busy family, but truly enjoy being home together.

Family Mission Statement

How We Met

Through some crazy circumstances Jerod and I ended up in the same singles ward in Lehi, Utah. I'll never forget turning around and seeing him sitting in the back of the chapel, a navy blue suit, great hair cut, and red tie. We were both nearly 29 and were excited to find each other.

One weekend while we were in Las Vegas we decided to get married. We drove to the marriage commission office (Jerod wanted to get married by Elvis at a drive through wedding chapel, but I told him 'NO WAY.') and were married. We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in 2008.

Family Background

I grew up in San Diego, California as the oldest of seven children, five younger brothers and one sister. I am a first generation college graduate and come from hardworking blue collarr parents. Growing up we were very active in the LDS church and I have continued activity through out my life. Genetically we are all built like line backers, including me, which can be good and bad. We have minimal health concerns on both sides of my family. I graduated from Lehi High School in Lehi, Utah.

Jerod grew up along the Oregon Coast and is Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the oldest of eight children, two brothers and five sisters. His father passed away when he was fourteen years old and he now has an amazing step father who treats up like his own children. And, one of his brother's was recently killed in Afghanistan serving our country in the Army. Jerod is a first generation college graduate and comes from hardworking blue collar parents. He grew up very active in the LDS church and has continued his activity through adulthood. Jerod served a two year mission in the Washington DC North mission. Genetically he is also built like a line backer (that's why we make such a great couple) and there are also minimal health concerns on both sides of his family. He graduated from Cheyenne High School.

College Education

I attended Snow College for two years, studying vocal performance and then transferred to Utah Valley University where I received a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science. I am a few weeks from finishing my master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, and I will start a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership at Creighton University in August (courses will mostly be online).

Jerod decided to go to college when he was 31. He struggled through high school but wanted desperately to attend BYU. So, he started at LDS Business College, received a 3.9 GPA, and was then able to transfer to BYU. He will complete his bachelor's degree in Experience Management in December. He then plans to attend graduate school.


After college I worked as a District Executive for The Boy Scouts of America for three years. In that position I ran summer camps and did recruiting for the Boy Scouts. Then, I worked for the LDS church helping people get into educational training programs. After that I taught 5th grade for three and a half years. And then I got my current job at Utah Valley University in The Center for the Advancement of Leadership.

After Jerod's LDS mission he was the general manager for a furniture company. Then he was an assistant manager for a Honda motorcycle shop, the general manager for a Tire Company, and an outside sales person for a vinyl fencing company. He's excited to see what will come after he graduates.


I love the out of doors. We have a tent trailer and when we can find time we take off and find a nice quiet place to camp. I love hiking, slip n'sliding, being in the pool, camping, singing, shopping, cooking, quilting, and learning new things.

Jerod was recruited to play minor league baseball right out of high school and his love for baseball and ALL sports continues. He also loves to play games, hang out with his family, sing, make breakfast foods, and he LOVES learning new things.